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Training and Seminars
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Every dog is different, so we create a training program tailored to you and your dog's needs

Our Dog Training and Behavior Services

K9-Training Specialist guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with the training that you receive from us.

Our revolutionary method is "one of a kind" and unlike anything else available to you and your dog. We have high expectations for you and your dog and will work harder than our competition to help you meet your goals.

All we do is train!

Puppy Training

This will be your puppy's very first training.

The handler and puppy will be trained on techniques that will expose, socialize and introduce the puppy to his/her new world and the training method that will be used for the next step in their training.

Real World Obedience Training
(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

During each one of these sessions the handler and dog will be trained with hands on training methods that will include six commands at each of the three training levels, Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced.

Every new session will reinforce commands from previous training level as well as introduce 6 new and more advanced concepts and skills than were taught at the previous session level.

Each level consist of 6 weeks of training. The training is designed to increase the dogs confidence and independence.

Fetch/Retrieve Training

During this training session the handler and dog will be taught the fundamentals as well as advanced fetching/retrieving principles and skills.

The course will be taught over a 17 week period with weekly training sessions and weekly homework assignments.

After this course your dog will retrieve it all!

Behavior Modification

These sessions are individually tailored to meet the specific dog and behavior that needs modification.

Classes will be determined on the training need to see lasting change of the unwanted/ wanted behavior.

Specialized Training Disciplines

We help you train your dog to do the job it was breed to do, making him/her Very Happy!

Contact us for more information on our different breed specific programs.

  • Hunting & Field Trails
  • Tracking / Trailing & Search n Rescue
  • Scent Discrimination
  • Breed Specific Test Preperation
  • Protection
  • Competitive Obedience


Training Specialist will conduct private seminars for organizations and clubs. The Seminars will be one of four standard seminars on the Science and Psychology of dogs.

Upon request specially tailored seminars are also available to meet the needs of the intended audience.

Below are the seminars that are available for 2014-2015 schedule.

  • Science & Psychology of the Working Dog
  • Science & Psychology of the Hunting Dog
  • Science & Psychology of the Companion Dog
  • Handling the K9

(Contact us for dates and times of seminars in your area)


K9-Training Specialist will conduct private consultation for individuals, organizations and clubs.

Consultation will focus on behavioral problems and areas that need improvement for both the handler and K9.

Working and competition dogs will be evaluated with increasing their performance as the ultimate goal. At the conclusion of the consultation the client receives a thorough training plan that they can implement.

Call us or email us to check class availability & rates

K9-Training Specialist

We specialize in real world Obedience, Competition Sports as well as breed specific test training.

K9-Training Specialist trains all dogs as if they were working K9's and not just pets.

We offer our dog training services to Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC

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